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New Features In Q4 2021

Functionality added since October 2021

Incomplete Notification to Merchant

When a customer tries to make a payment from the portal but the portal does not receive confirmation from the payment gateway that the transaction is complete, it is marked in the portal as an "Incomplete" payment. There are several reasons, including, and most commonly, that the user simply abandoned the process before completing the payment on the gateway. There are however also cases where the customer may complete the transaction but the gateway does not send a post-back to the portal. We have implemented a number of safeguards to avoid this where possible, including a new notification feature which will let the merchant (portal owner) know when an incomplete transaction is recorded.  You can get more information on this process here.

Integration to Fortis

The Customer Portal now supports Fortis as a payment processor. Fortis is also integrated to Sage 300 so merchants can use it from within Sage as well as on the Portal. Gateway setup in portal admin here.

Added Ship-To Name to the Ship-To address for Order Entry

The Customer Portal Quick OE form now displays not only the Ship To address, it now displays the name associated with the Ship To address as maintained in Sage.

Bugs and Fixes

We have made several updates and bug fixes to the system over the past quarter, including the following:

  • Certain pages did not show the "hamburger menu" on certain phone screens. 
  • Added wording to several messages and errors to be more descriptive.
  • Improved speed of translated pages and fields.
  • Avoid system crash where no orders were found.
  • Added missing fields in the admin "Receipts" screen.
  • Several UI improvements