Receipts - "Incomplete" Status

What does an "Incomplete" Status on a payment mean?

Receipts - Status Incomplete

It may happen that a receipts transaction in the portal is shown as "Incomplete". This happens when the portal does not receive a transaction post-back (reply) from the processing gateway and for the user it times out. 


Note: "Incomplete" transactions are not entered into the accounting system as we do not know the status of the payment that was made.

What could cause an "incomplete" transaction

1. User does not complete the transaction on the processing gateway

When the user get's to the gateway form they simply do not complete the transaction and simply closes the browser or navigates away to another website. This will leave the portal without a reply from the gateway. This will not happen when the user selects to cancel the entry on the gateway page as the portal will receive the user back with a message indicating that the transaction was cancelled.

2. No Post-back or reply from the gateway

It does happen, very infrequently, that the gateway does not send back a reply in which case the portal does not have information to complete the transaction and the transaction is not entered into the ERP system.

It may happen that the gateway response is simply delayed and a post-back may be received fat a later time, in which case the portal will update the receipt status and try and update the ERP System with the receipt. If the post-back from the gateway is not received, you should check the gateway virtual terminal and, if appropriate, process the receipt into your Sage Receipt Batch manually.

(In these cases you should set the Status switch on these transactions to “Processed” to prevent the system from trying to re-process these transactions.)