Router & Firewall Settings

The North49 Portal communicates with your ERP System through Connect and needs access through your firewall.

Not for Intacct versions of the North49 Portal

For North49 Connect to work there are some steps to be taken to allow for the communication between your server/workstation and your new portal on the web. Port 8221 needs to be opened for two way TCP traffic between your server/workstation and the IP address

Setting up a new port forwarding rule is dependent on the firewall/router you are using but generally the information specified in the rule is the same. You will need to log in to your firewall/router to setup the rule. Below are the general guidelines for creating the rule.

Name: A descriptive name for the port forward for reference purposes only.

From: This field will specify the source address that is allowed through the port forward. For the Web Portal the address is Specify the IP only.

Port: The port field specifies the external port you want to be forwarded. This is the port 8221 which the Portal will send requests to.

Forward IP: This specifies the internal IP address you want send the port forwarding to. This would be the IP of the server on which North49 Connect is installed.

Forward Port: You may need to specify the port you are forwarding to so this will be 8221.

Protocol: Here you will select TCP as this is the protocol used by the Portal to communicate with the North49 Connect software on your system.

Depending on your firewall/router the order in which you need to enter the above information may differ. Always refer to your IT person and appropriate manuals for specific steps.