Admin Portal - Payment Setup Options

Payment control options in the Administration Portal Setup - allow partial payments and maximum allowed payments.

Portal Options

The following options and messages are set in the portal administration "Portal Setup" menu under "Payment Processing"

  • Max Payment Amount - limit credit card payments to a certain maximum amount. This allows the portal owner to limit the amount being paid using a credit card and is calculated per payment. The user may circumvent this my making multiple smaller payments.

Please note that limiting the amount to be paid by credit card may not be allowed in certain jurisdictions except for specific business types. Please obtain accurate information before using this option.

  • Allow Partial Payments - if selected, will allow the user to override the amount to be paid  on any document. We recommend that portal owners carefully consider the pros and cons of this as it usually results in unnecessary administration costs to reconcile amounts paid with the invoices that are being paid and almost always will require contact with the customer to sort out. It is often more efficient to ask customers to resolve any issue on outstanding invoices before making payment.

  • Message displayed on the payment confirmation screen - you may enter a message here which will display at the bottom of the confirmation screen before payment is made.

For Sage 300 - when setting up the payment code that you will be using for the receipt entries, do not select "SPS Credit Card" even if you are using PAYA as your card processor. You may however use "Credit Card" to report on and identify the portal receipt transactions.

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