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New Features in Q1 2021

New functionality added since January 2021

Payment Processor Support

Added support for CardConnect as a new payment processor on the Customer Portal. The list of supported processors to date includes:

  • REPAY – formerly APS Payments
  • Paya
  • Instapay
  • Authorize.NET
  • CardConnect

We are committed to supporting all major card processors. If you have a specific processor you’d like us to include, please let us know.

Quick OE Enhancements

  1. Added the Ship-Via code to the header screen for the customer to select preferred shipping method when placing an order.

  2. Since Ship-Via is sometimes used as an internal informational field, merchants can control whether to expose the Ship-Via option to customers in the Merchant Administration Portal under Portal Settings > Order Entry

  3. Improved item search flexibility by removing case sensitivity.

Merchant User Control

Improved user import flexibility by removing case sensitivity.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions for improvement to the customer portal.