Running a Number Change on Inventory Items

Running a number change on inventory items will affect your webstore. Here are details to process this through Dataport.


  1. Shut down the Dataport and WebConnect services using Dataport Maintenance | Services. (NOTE: During this shutdown, customers will not be able to review their account information.)
    1. Click Stop on the Dataport tab
    2. Click Stop on the WebConnect tab
  2. BACKUP your current Sage and Dataport databases – this is usually done in MS-SQL (if you need assistance please let us know)
  3. Run the number changes in Sage according to their instructions. DO NOT DELETE THE NUMBER CHANGE LOG/AUDIT FILE.
  4. Open Dataport and go to Maintenance | Number Changes. Click Run. Once the process has run click Close. You may check the Dataport log file to make sure there were no errors.
    1. In Dataport click the View Log button and review any messages.
  5. For an item number change confirm a sample of the number changes by comparing Sage with Dataport. You will also want to compare any additional information like Web Categories or other web data.
  6. Once satisfied with the changes, restart the Dataport and WebConnect services.